Course Content

1. CPD Cupping Therapy: Traditional Oriental Medicine Style
- Contraindications, Health & Safety
- Cupping history and benefits
- Cupping methods (flashing and non-flashing cupping)
- Moving Cupping & mediums (water, oil, and honey)
- Dry cupping (Trigger-point cupping)
- Consultation form for the discoloration
- TCM Back Shu Point
- Practice (common MSK problems, back-shu, cellulite, and abdominal cupping)
- Indirect moxa: benefits and techniques

2. CPD Oriental Facial Therapy
- Contraindications, Health & Safety
- Facial anatomy
- Facial treatment benefits
- Instruments (Acupressure, Cupping, Gua-Sha, and Jade-Roller)
- Facial treatment mediums (water, honey, and green tea)
- Practice

3. CPD Meridian Stretch; (developed by Wan-Hye Park)
Combine with Korean Kyung-Rak (Meridian), Chinese Acupressure and Japanese Shiatsu
- Contraindications, Health & Safety
- Yin & Yang and 5 Phase in health
- Yin & Yang meridian
- Each Meridian opening angle and stretching techniques
- Stretching movement with breathing rhythm using body weight
- Sedation & tonification techniques
- TCM Back Shu point
- Practice (common MSK problems)

4. CPD Korean Hand Reflexology (KHR) and acupuncture (developed by Wan-Hye Park)
- Contraindications and Health & Safety
- Yin & Yang and 5 Phase in health
- KHR theory
- Hand anatomy
- The body correspondence points on the hand
- Instruments (point locator, pellet, needle, moxa, and E-Beam)
- Practice (some common ailments treatment points on the hand)