Course List

CPD course is for already qualified practitioners with minimum level 3 in anatomy & physiology

1. CPD Cupping Therapy: One day

2. CPD Meridian Stretch: One day

3. CPD Advanced Meridian Stretch: One day

4. CPD Oriental Facial Therapy (Cupping, Qua-Sha, Acupressure and Jade-Roller): One day

5. CPD Korean Hand Reflexology Massage: One day

6. CPD Korean Hand Reflexology Acupuncture: 2 day

Please see the Body Acupuncture and other acupuncture courses the below;
- The British Medical Acupuncture Society http://www.medical-acupuncture.co.uk/

- Health Education Seminars http://www.heseminars.com/

- OMT http://www.omttraining.co.uk/medical-acupuncture.html